Brian Austin Green, Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin join 'Dancing With the Stars'

The former "90210" star and WWE wrestler will be joined by "Bling Empire's" Christine Chiu, actress Melora Hardin and NBA player Iman Shumpert for season 30 of the competition.
6:10 | 09/08/21

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Transcript for Brian Austin Green, Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin join 'Dancing With the Stars'
Disneyland resort. We all feel your way through Dr. great start as well as we feed a pro dancers they're moving in. Can groove and to celebrate hard after the destruction take over this morning Robin and lair aren't there. Always beautiful who didn't live adorned a background could. Californian you can get an on going on. Guys like what we did we thought the first group. Let's go live weary and there are trying to bring it as well we you know no pressure what so ever we bring a little snack. We're here and we'll have dealt the underground group that exciting for everybody took a. Excited are you guys really. So appealing so excited yeah you're excited I just. So go Bob Bob moguls and umpire Bob happy fifth. A lot of not real happy satire is what a dance. Well I want you to the heart of hello I saw it on the I think I'd like your goals this season. I not heard well Brian let's start with you 90210. Yeah okay now Whitney you have any professional dance background but sure enough. Here and I'll. I'm so did dampen home. You know. No known road I don't know. Now because. I have I am now. Now that's it now no dancing at home watching television raising kids. You may want to change that. Well now got some work to do all right fine. But you when you said you here and you're all in on the mall and I'm just trying to keep the bars lowest possible so there's no expectations so then I am nowhere to go but apps that I have a lot of expectations were just saying I mean if I can play well nothing better than 902 now the Pentagon silver dot MR IR. I don't mind nine that's right out like Jimmie Johnson Michael please do Michael you're you are you're not going to bugs get in or I love. Occurred for those who don't know your persona in WWA. Would you describe them is. Well it's the most he gets his sickle arrogant jerk at the biggest villain you could possibly think and he will cheat to win but so and now I want people vote formation. Business and cats. A no sign of go to WW efforts. Here thanks to this guy Ronnie copy this morning at all. All totaled 300 Williams channel some of that news energy on the dance floor I'll absolutely the ms. is aggressive he's dialed up to a hundred. But honestly I hope for people to see Mike you know adjusted data husband and out here to really have a good time in just harness everything I possibly can. Austrian do you see what you're starting out yeah. Super intimidated are grading you and your bully clan. Oh yeah I mean yeah I have either a. 5 o'clock in the morning welcome farm boy you are you do know about fashion so are you that brings as a guide does its bit to get bring a little bit about to the dance floor. Outlast Lillie I think ash and and fashion and dance are like food and wine to complement each other they bring the flavor and the spice outside hope we see also the rocket to on the floor pool. Nicely done and didn't totally different in mind you sad your mom was really excited or that you're doing nets. White from your basket but he's such an amazing thousand real life player thing. I did second unit and kids or is it make its offer. The focus on full work a lot of us we will. It's not the same boat where wood. However did not at all. Solomon. I'm a lien on my ability to take direction. From being the basket globe would. You know hopefully my partner can do is make Seward. You know when the lights are grown and we look good yeah Eric coach I. I resume its excited to watch cheering already given you the bed nets well I've been you know sort of trying to keep a low profile about it would not if they know. How should there they're jokes until. Inaugural to compete because Gaza Margo. Being the best local came in went yeah. And I what Romeo full memo Marlins watch soon. My daughters watch agrees owed those here so our got to be aggressive. Howard Morgan though that. For those bug on the just oh yeah. I'm gonna dog but I don't. Move below. Occurrence we fell in love with you and the office as your dad and and parents don't happen they're not according make accurate. Crazy we usually journal a little back. I'm a real Jan having did this I mean come on dance hot right now I gotta bring a little that I am a little heat today as it lets all eyes she's be on the dance floor with me. Together but he. Breeding hunters saw no outs and at one of these dances I don't know what I'm going to do I want serenity by June handles this with all over the mighty. I mean this could really seems to have amazing chemistry way better than the first group right yeah. Be competing against each other but you can tell we all hate each other already are it's going to be a Drew Neitzel up fast and telling a cardiac for anything in the that is an. Other. Special Christmas season thirty all it's a big one you could Bateman it's exciting yeah yeah like that's why they brought all the stars. And I hate the giants but big guns this bad boy let's get it started. I can't last for at season wine in the audience watched. Aaliyah that would be needed all of wow. They expelled the so I wouldn't there be what re watching them down all. Yeah thank you don't silent. And Dan have a lot fatter I have not everybody brings something to the table on his.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"The former \"90210\" star and WWE wrestler will be joined by \"Bling Empire's\" Christine Chiu, actress Melora Hardin and NBA player Iman Shumpert for season 30 of the competition. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"79890973","title":"Brian Austin Green, Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin join 'Dancing With the Stars'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/brian-austin-green-mike-miz-mizanin-join-dancing-79890973"}